Obsession Confession: JTV

Last night I turned my TV on to do a little relaxing, and the channel was turned to JTV from the last time I fell asleep watching it. I told myself I'd change the channel, but an hour later, I was still watching. I watched an entire show about alternatively colored turquoise, and the next thing I knew, I was learning all about Moissanite. I didn't even know such a stone existed.

In real life, I hate the hard sell. In fact, I find myself feeling insulted that the salesperson doesn't think I know what I like and/or want. When I'm watching JTV, though, from the comfort of my bathrobe, I can listen all night long without feeling guilty that I'm "just looking." In fact, I slip into sort of a trance-like state. It's not quite the ASMR experience some people derive from watching the Home Shopping Network or QVC, but I do find it incredibly relaxing.

In addition to the relaxing element, at some point I realize I'm rooting for the sales people. They always seem to have a finite number of each item, and they're selling like hot cakes! I always want them to sell out as quickly as possible while I sit there, slack jawed, staring at my television. It's like watching sports but resting instead of cheering.

I'm ashamed to say I stayed up much later than I wanted to last night because I couldn't tear myself away from all the sparkles and french manicures. But all the items were so versatile yet unique and impactful and compliment-procuring. I just couldn't muster the strength to press any buttons on my remote control!

So, next time you find yourself in need of a way to absolutely turn off your brain and look at shiny things as if you were a bird, try JTV. It may just be what the doctor ordered. It's certainly what the spinster ordered.

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