Spinster Love: Design Sponge

So, as we've discussed before, part of what I do at work is to make sure I stay current by reading design blogs. I remember when I started working in the fashion industry the girl I sat next to told me that Design Sponge was her favorite design blog. Of course now it continues to be a mainstay in my blog roll.

If you were to ask most designers, I think Design Sponge would top their list of go-to reads for inspiration. Design Sponge's founder, Grace Bonney, seems to have a real knack for finding interesting things that are so "now." With sections that range from Before and After to Biz Ladies, I feel like this is pretty much the consummate design blog. Of course, I should also mention that one of my very favorite parts of Design Sponge is the City Guides, which offer a local resident's insights to the coolest and best places in their city or town.

Bonney has published a Design Sponge book called Design*Sponge at Home, and she also wrote the foreword for Joy Cho's book, Blog, Inc. I love the idea that two such inspirational, talented ladies know each other and are possibly even friends in real life.

So today, on this fine Memorial Day, if you are enjoying a little leisurely time eating your breakfast in bed, head on over to Design*Sponge and get inspired in almost any creative category you could imagine.

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