Spinster Love: The Jealous Curator

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I can't remember exactly how I ran into The Jealous Curator's website, but somehow I did. Even after I discovered this gem of the internet, I forgot about it for about a year, and then I recently rediscovered it. And it is amazing.

Blogger Danielle Krysa has a BFA in visual arts and a post graduate degree in Design, according to her bio page. She apparently also writes a more prose-driven blog called Danielle Krysa: in progress. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

the Jealous Curator is a really excellent blog full of cool art that's being made now. Krysa posts multiple images of each artist's work, and I find them all infinitely inspirational. In fact, I snatched some of the prints for today's image from one of Krysa's recent posts about artist Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao, whose art is a lot of fun. 

In addition to the cool art on The Jealous Curator, Krysa makes some pretty fun art on her own. I particularly like her Kitty Stacks, but don't scroll down too far! There are some naked ladies at the bottom of that post. However, I'd like to have a giant Kitty Stack on the wall of my apartment. I think it'd pretty much be the perfect art for a Spinster Lair.

So, if on this fine wednesday, you are in need of some inspiration, I say head on over to The Jealous Curator. I aspire to be as cool as Danielle Krysa and her infinite sharing of cool imagery and ideas.

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