Spinster Love: Miss Moss

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After I wrote yesterday's post about The Jealous Curator, I started thinking about all the blogs I read every single day. There are about sixteen I keep in regular rotation, most of which I like to use for inspiration and research at work. I feel like a daily diet of blog-reading causes a kind of design "ambient awareness" that can be really helpful for work and conversation in general. One of the blogs I love the best is Miss Moss.

For me, I feel like Diana Moss often introduces me to concepts and aesthetics I wouldn't normally be drawn to. However, once she's introduced an idea to my consciousness, I often see it rehashed elsewhere, and by then I'm already more familiar for having seen it on her blog.

Another thing I really appreciate about Miss Moss is that it has an array of categories I can peruse. On the side panel of the page, she has links for Fashion, Art, Vintage, Music, Food, Photography, Design, Living, Film, and Stuff. My favorite link is not-so-shockingly entitled "Art." I have to say, though, it's all pretty good.

I wasn't able to find too too many reference images for Miss Moss the actual person online, and now that I'm cross-referencing her site in order to make this post, I'm afraid I may not have made her surprise portrait quite sophisticated enough. In any case, if you haven't already, head on over to Miss Moss and get inspired!

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