Spinster Paper Dolls!

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Well, I'm absolutely sure you all know it's Friday. And, since Friday is so fun, I've saved something that I think is especially fun just for today: Spinster Paper Dolls! Now, a few things about the spinster paper dolls so you can know what you're getting yourself into before you just set out playing with them willy nilly.

1. This is an illustration of the spinster's face, but I stole this body off a swimsuit model. I figured ain't nobody need to see more of the chunk switch than would be deemed work-appropriate.

2. The two half moon pieces should fit together so that the spinster paper doll can stand on her own. They should form an 'X' shape when fitted together.

3. The spinster has three outfits:
          A. A tank top and activewear capris for running
          B. A Bathrobe (obviously)
          C. A fancy party dress.

4. The print on the dress is, indeed, made of cat faces.

5. All the outfits actually fit. So, cut them out!

Enjoy your spinsterly play time, and happy friday!

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