Spinster Shopping: Funglasses!

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In case you haven't noticed yet, I'm pretty excited about the approach of summer. This year I'm especially excited because my apartment complex has a pool, and i'm within driving distance of some pretty excellent beaches. One of the most essential parts of summer is, of course, sunglasses! While some people are able to make it years with the same pair of shades, others (most others, I'd wager) lose, break, or misplace sunglasses enough to make shopping for them every summer quite necessary.  Today I've put together some fun sunglasses styles with great colors, prints, and shapes. So check them out!

1. Shine Up Shades - Neon Pink: $40, Nasty Gal

2. Geo Wayfarer Sunglasses: $5.80, Forever 21

3. 49mm Mirror Lens Sunglasses: $22, Nordstrom

4. Lucia Shades - Yellow: $115, Nasty Gal

5. Ditsy Floral Wayfarer Sunglasses: $32, Topshop

6. Colette White and Black Striped Sunglasses: $14, LuLu's

7. Women's Cateye Sunglasses: $14.99, Target.com

8. 53mm Oversized Sunglasses: $22, Nordstrom

9. Two-Tone Clubmaster Sunglasses: $14.95, PacSun

10. Tortoise Ombre Round Sunglasses: $29.50, Express

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