Spinster Shopping: Kitten Ears! (mostly) under $25!

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It's Friday, and that means it's time for some spinster fun. And what, I ask, is more fun than sporting your spinsterly pride in the way of some kitten jewelry.

So in honor of being proud cat ladies, today I've put together a list of kitten-themed earrings, mostly under $25. So check these out, and imagine them on your little kitten ears. I think they're pretty darn cute!

1. White Cat Earrings: $19.27, Clay and Clasp on Etsy

2. Purple Space Cats Earrings: $17, The GlitorisShop on Etsy

3. Pretty Kitty Earrings: $12.00, Just Earrings on Etsy

4. Black and White Kitten Earrings: $6.00, Junylie on Etsy

5. Purple Cat Studs: $7.90, Bijunea on Etsy

6. Gold Cheeky Sitting Cat Earrings: $9.47, Smelly Grey Cat on Etsy

7. Porcelain Cat Earrings: $14, Linda Cain on Etsy

8. Cat Dangle Earrings: $17.99, Roses and Ruins on Etsy

9. Tabby Kitten Earrings: $8, The Catkin Boutique on Etsy

10. Picture Purrfect Earrings: $22.99, ModCloth

11. Betsy Johnson "Vintage Kitty" Earrings: $64.50 on Ebay

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