Spinster Shopping: Pretty Kitty

Well, it's Monday, and you may find yourself not quite ready to start your work day yet. Of course this is no Cyber Monday, but that doesn't mean you can't do a little online shopping. Today's theme is kitten-inspired bath and beauty products, and I've put together a collage above and a list below!

1. Sweet Scented Lip Gloss: $2.80, Forever 21
          Perfect for a spinster to keep in her purse and pull out for a little spinsterly touch-up.

2. Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty Nail Polish: $3.99, SuperNails on Etsy
          With this home made easy nail polish, you're sure to be the only one with your manicure. It even has little cat-shaped glitter pieces!

3. 'The Cat's Meow' Hair Ties: $12, Nordstrom
          Great for doing Cat Pose at yoga class.

4. Sleeping Cat Artizan Lotion Bar: $12 MilkAndHoneySoap on Etsy
          Perfect for a little late-night foot moisturizing if you're a hot-footed spinster like me. OR you could carry this tin in your purse and lotion up on the go!

5. Cat Soap: $5, Lost River Rags on Etsy
          Just because you love kittens doesn't mean you have to bathe like one. Use some soap! This cat soap is great for bath time or just for your spinsterly guest room.

6. 'Tabby Cat' Nail Care Kit: $12, Norstrom.com
          Us this with your cat glitter nail polish and have the perfect peticure. Pun intended.

7. 'Cat Teaser' Tweezers: $4.04, Rakuten Global Market
          Just because you're a spinster doesn't mean you need to have a unibrow. To ensure that gets taken care of, use cat tweezers as an incentive.

8. Holy Cat Eyeshadow: $17, Holika Holika
          Use this for all the shading before you pencil in that excellent cat eye with your eye liner.

9. Space Cat Temporary Tattoo: $5, Amazon
          Try this out for a little while before you get the real thing. You may decide you don't want it on your forehead...Or maybe you'll decide that you want it on your cheek instead.

10. Manshili Max Volume Mascara: $39, Amazon
          What's a cat eye without some fabulous kitty mascara?

So, now that you're all clean and pretty, you can proceed with your week. I once heard it said that online shopping gives you a reason to go on for the next few days, so I hope you ordered something. That way you can at least make it to wednesday.

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