Spinstergram: A Commission

So now that I have a second bedroom that doubles as my little art studio, it's much easier for me to start drawings and spend more than a couple of hours on them. As such, I recently took on a commissioned work. Now that the recipient has received her gift, I wanted to share it with you guys!

The story behind this drawing is actually so sweet. One of my dearest friends' husbands sent me a text asking for a drawing of his wife's wedding dress for their anniversary. It was all very hush-hush, but he sent me a photo of the dress hanging in my friend's grandmother's bedroom, the dimensions he wanted, and I set to work.
My work in progress photos aren't really great. I think I may have taken them all at night. However, I hope you can get a good idea of the piece. After my friend had opened her gift, she sent me a text saying she cried. Good on her husband. He had an excellent plan, and I'm just so happy I got to be the one to help out!

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