Surprise Portrait: A Man and His Cat

Today I'm posting something I've been working on for a few weeks. It is a real life colored pencil portrait that I think measures something like 24" x 36" and is on cream colored paper. It took me a couple of weeks of working on it about an hour a day, but yesterday I delivered it to its new owner!

I drew this with prismacolor colored pencils, and when I made my trip to Binders, I made sure to pick up enough of the skin colors and indigo blue as well as black pencils I would need. The cat managed to be quite a task in and of himself, but he's a deliciously portly cat, so I knew this was the right photo.

I used to paint a lot of portraits, but lately I've been wanting to diversify my portfolio with some various drawings, and since I usually end up drawing myself, a man and his cat seemed to be a good change of pace. Stay tuned for more additions in my efforts to grow my portfolio!

Now I'm off to participate in Sumter Derby Day!

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