The Best Decision I Made All Week

One of the best things about being a spinster is never having to explain yourself to your partner for doing something that may be a little strange. You can just do whatever you want without ever discussing it with anyone.

Now that the week is over, I can say for sure what the best decision I made all week was. Tuesday morning I got up and went running. I only ran three miles because it was already so hot at 6:30 AM. On my cool down walk, though, I found myself thinking about stopping to get a bottle of water, but I wasn't sure that was even going to help me cool down. So, I jut kept walking, and when I got back to my apartment complex, I took off my shirt and shoes and jumped in the pool.

Once I was submerged, it was confirmed that this was exactly what I should have done. There was no shock of the cold water like there is when you come out from being in your apartment. It was perfectly refreshing. In fact, I thought I might just keep swimming until I was finished, but I realized I may miss the entire work day.

When I got out of the pool, having gone  swimming in my running capri pants, I realized I was going to drip barefoot all the way back to my apartment. But let me tell you, that was well worth it. I will certainly be doing this again.

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