A Tuesday Surprise

So yesterday was Tuesday, of course, which is better than Monday by about twenty-four hours. Additionally, there was an intense downpour right before I left work, and I was scared for the life of my poor little jeep. But, I got home. I got home, and I was so ready to put on my sweatpants and try to devour the last couple of episodes of Orange is the New Black, but first I had to check my mailbox.  And what did I find in my mailbox? A padded envelope from InStyle with a bottle of "InStyle Red" OPI Nail Polish. I'm pretty sure I didn't order it because I live, like, right next to Target. So...it was a special Tuesday treat?  I don't know, but I'm not going to overthink it. I painted my nails and watched dat OITNB like it was my job except I got to do it in my sweatpants while I ate peanut butter out of the jar.

So...that happened, and it was great.

By the way, did you see the cast of Orange is the New Black on the Today Show yesterday? Crazy eyes is actually a really attractive woman in real life...I was shocked, I tell you! Shocked! I mean, we're talking this versus this! Get it, Uzo!

Also, I'm sorry if today's gif gave you a seizure. It kind of gave me a headache while I was writing this. Happy Wednesday!

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