Another Fashion Illustration from This Week

Well, it's Thursday, and I feel like my brain doesn't work. However, I did make you this illustration last night. It's supposed to be swimwear, but I think it kind of looks like underwear. Just know that it's swimwear.

Speaking of swimwear, I'm proud to tell you that one of the images from yesterday's post was reposted on Aerie's website! Click here to see it. I actually posted it on instagram, but it's the same image.

Annd while we're on the subject, did you know that the first bikini was created in 1946. Here's a picture. The top is cute, but the bottoms not so much. In case you need to do more reading on the matter, here's the Wikipedia page.

Here's hoping my brain warms up a little before I go to work. Happy Thursday!

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