Five Things To Do When You're Sick and Can't Speak

Yes, I know. That's a long title. But when you've been strictly observing your doctor's orders to rest your voice for the entire weekend, sometimes you have a lot to say. However, I'll try to pace myself.

So, with Laryngitis, you're supposed to rest your voice, and if you're a spinster, this may not be difficult for you. For me, sometimes it's exactly what I need. In this case, it was that, some antibiotics, a box of tissues, and a nasal steroid. My nose is pretty buff right now. (I couldn't resist). When you also need rest, which...I mean, I feel like I need rest even when I'm not actually may find yourself in need of silent, restful activities. Have no fear! With this weekend's experience under my belt, I'm here to help!

1. Do some coloring.
          In my opinion and experience, drawing and especially coloring are very relaxing. If you want to take it one step further, you can make paper bracelets like the ones pictured above that I made with one of the kids when I was keeping the nursery at church.

2. Catch up on your Netflix queue:
          You can do this while you're coloring. In fact, I highly recommend you do both at the same time. I highly recommend watching all the documentaries you put in your Netflix queue two years ago, sure you'd want to watch them sometime. There's no time like the present!

3. Clean out the fridge:
          I know, I know. This may not be relaxing, but you'll feel so much better. Plus, if you've got a stuffy nose and can't smell anything, this is actually the prime opportunity to clean out all those questionable and potentially smelly things you've neglected to throw out for longer than you'd care to admit.

4. Go to the movies:
          At some point you're going to want to get out of your apartment, and the movies is the obvious choice. Now that they have those ticket kiosks, you don't even have to talk to the cashier. You can just swipe your card and walk right in.

5. Read some magazines:
          If you're anything like me, you've got a stack of magazines and catalogs you've been meaning to look through, and you just haven't gotten the chance yet. If you don't find yourself in this particular position, though, you should be able to pick up some magazines at the drug store, the book store, or the grocery store without uttering too many words. Get, like, five or six at the very least. The very few words you utter in order to complete your purchase will be worth their weight in dog-eared pages. Since you can't smell, though, you should save all those fragrance pages until you can open them up, one at a time, deciding whether or not you want them before ultimately forgetting about the whole thing.

If none of these ideas suit you, there's always HSN, JTV and a nap. Or, you could order food online to minimize personal interaction. It's all up to you. Just get some rest and try to get that voice back.

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