Friday Fun: Spinster Maze

It's Friday, Friday, and you know you gotta get down on Friday. When I was in middle school, we had a teacher that would sometimes give us crossword puzzles on some Fridays when I guess she did have the strength or energy to deal with 24 crazy eighth graders. And we loved it. Sometimes she even let us work in groups, and we loved that, too.

Of course, this isn't a crossword puzzle. No, You can be illiterate and do this one, though I must say I think I did make it pretty tough. My old neighbor, Joel, is the person I learned how to make mazes from. I think we were in the fourth grade. He would make these insanely  intricate mazes and then bring them to our teacher, Mrs. Shaw, and see if she could solve them. That poor woman. I think she did them all.

Today's maze is obviously spinster-themed. At the start, imagine you're coming home from work. The first thing you do as you walk in the door is take off your shoes. Then, you want to head to the sofa, but don't get waylaid by the cookies, chocolate, and the bathrobe! You must make it to the sofa in order to enjoy your Friday night. 

As always, you can print this out and solve it! Bonus points if you post a photo of your completed maze to The Spinsterhood Diaries Facebook page. OR you could tweet an image to @SpnstrhdDiaries.

Happy Friday!

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