Fun with Photo Booth

At my last job in New York, the graphic designer would sometimes send me hilarious things in my email. The one I want to talk about today actually made me cry with laughter. Like, I couldn't stop laughing and crying at the same time, and people kept coming over to ask me if I was OK. For those of you who may not know what's going on in this video, the girl is actually using one of the filters from the Mac OS program called Photo Booth, and like most of us, she is enjoying herself immensely.

Since the graphic designer shared this video with me, I've sent the video to several people with varying results. I have to say, though, anything short of uncontrollable laugh-crying is baffling to me. Here, take a moment to watch the video. I hope you a good way.

Well, I love this video so much that of course I had to make one of my own. While I will admit that my video comes nowhere close to the hilarity of the original, I thought it'd be fun to share anyway. So...see below the video, and I hope you get a good giggle. I would love it even more if you made your own twirl face video and shared it!

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