Illustration Friday: Beard

Many of you already know about Illustration Friday, but just in case you don't, I'll tell you. Illustration friday is a website where, once a week (on friday) they post a new theme. Anyone who wants to participate can, as long their illustration is on theme. You just click "submit your illustration!," and link to your image, and that's it!

So, from time to time I like to add a little something to Illustration friday. Sometimes I use an image from this blog that I've already done that just happens to fit the topic, but sometimes I like to make something new.

This week's theme is "Beard," and since I'd already used one of my facial hair ideas for the "mustache" week, I decided to do a couple of beard-growing gifs as well as one with the alternate meaning of beard, though I'm not sure it's meaning is so obvious.

The woman's the beard in this situation. You know, in the Kelly Preston or Katie Holmes sense. 

And then I did another, more graphic one...

Now that I'm looking it, it kind of looks like a baby growing a beard. 

Have a happy saturday and don't forget to grow a beard...bonus points if it's on your legs.

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