Lemonade Stand

Last weekend I made a trip to Target. Actually, I'm not ashamed to say I made more than one trip to target, but we're only talking about one of those trips right now. Anyway, on one of the end caps in the seasonal section, they had everything a kid could want to make the perfect lemonade stand. I thought it was so cute I might buy it all for myself. Then, I thought....wouldn't that be kind of weird? An adult with a lemonade stand is perhaps a little out of bounds. The whole thing about lemonade stands is that it's run by cute kids who are getting their first taste of commerce. Otherwise, you just need a license to be selling things on the side of the street.

Once I decided I couldn't have my own lemonade stand, I began to merely hope that I could run across one so that I could purchase a glass of lemonade and bask in the memories of the ones I had with my sister. So, in case anyone in my neighborhood is planning on having a lemonade stand this weekend, I have put together a little box from a new site called Boxagon to help you get everything you might need for your very own stand. It's extra cool because once you click the box, you can hover over each item and see how much it costs and where to get it!
Lemonade Stand! by Sarah Jones on Boxagon.

Make sure you have a good sign, and I'll be there, pronto....especially if those lemonade cupcakes are made Gluten Free. Anyway, click on the box, and see what wonders await!

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