Spinster Shopping: Cat Lady In Training

I was going to call today's shopping collage "Spinster in Training," but I suppose no one wants to think about their caught as a spinster-to-be. Well, maybe some dads do. I have no idea. I don't have any kids.

I may not have my own kids, but I do have a little niece who is cute enough to eat, and she does love her some kittens. So, of course, I like to think of her as a cat lady in training. And today I've got quite a collection of kitty-themed sundries for the little cuteness in your life. I'm sure you have to know at least one child, right?

1. Skip Hop Zoo Backpack - Cat: $20, Diapers.com

2. Two Kitties Tee: $7.99, Carter's

3. Kitty Umbrella: $14.99, Macy's

4. Kitty Kat Straw Bowler Hat: $23, Monsoon

5. Mini Melissa Cat Mary Jane Flats: $50, Saks Fifth Avenue

6. Kitten Hair Clips: $3.95,  H&M

7. No Added Sugar Cat Graphic T-Shirt: $67, Barney's

8. Circo Cat Hooded Towel: $15.49, Target

9. Kitty Print Rain Jacket: $35, Carter's

10. Glitter Cat Sandals: $33, Monsoon

11. Fat Cat Temporary Tattoo: $2.50, Chloe C Wilson on Etsy

So, there you have it. Now you can dress up your favorite little girl like the cat lady you hope she becomes. Now if only you can teach her how to pet the cats gently so they don't run away from her every time. Good luck. I still haven't learned.

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