Spinstergram: Aerie Haul

Since the chunk switch is apparently here to stay (thanks to my ridiculous love of food and candy), I found myself in need of a new swimsuit this season, and after some terrifying encounters with the dressing room mirrors of department stores and sundry other establishments, I decided I should just go ahead and order something from Aerie. If it didn't fit, I'd just have to drive out to the Mall of Georgia and return it in person. 

Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with Aerie, it's a line of lingerie, loungewear, activewear, and swimwear under the same umbrella as American Eagle Outfitters. Most often, their merchandise is sold in a small section in the American Eagle store, but there are a few actual Aerie Stores. Those are where you could actually try on a swimsuit in person if you so chose. 

One of the things I like best about Aerie is that they have a range of waist heights and leg opening shapes. I do have to get over my pride and go up a size in all things Aerie because they are made for super models, but It is invariably worth it. Their undies are comfortable, and so I was hoping the same would be true of their swimwear. 

I chose the Aerie Hi-Rise Hipster Bottom in the color called "Ibiza." I would like to be showing as little of the chunk switch as possible when I go out without experience the extremely strange situation that occurs when my apparently super long torso encounters a one-piece swimsuit meant for someone of normal proportions. For the top I purchased the Aerie Retro Halter Bikini Top in a floral print also called "Ibiza." At the end, I added on the Aerie Three Tassel Necklace in "Beach Towel," just for good measure. And also...well, because I'm pretty sure a really fabulous spinster must have designed it. 

Now, I got the package in my mailbox yesterday, and after a bout of surprisingly strenuous (and probably hilarious) spinster yoga where I was pleased I lived alone, I opened the package. So, here is the verdict in five points:

1. The bottoms fit well even though the chunk switch likes to make a tiny muffin top over everything these days. I like them a lot.
2. The top is really cute, but the color matching of the "Ibiza" ground color in the print is a little off from what the bottoms are calling Ibiza. That is, of course, not going to stop me from wearing it, though.
3. The fit of the top seemed strange at first because I tied the neck part first, but then I tried tying it the other way first, and it worked out really nicely.
4. The tassel necklace is clearly the best thing ever. Obviously. 
5. I will be sitting by my pool this weekend reading all the magazines. 

I hope you have found this entirely informative. Remember, if you're going to order a swimsuit from Aerie, you should always go up a size on the bottoms. I won't say the same for the tops, though. So, now you may consider yourself an informed spinster. Hooray for Aerie's cheap but super cute swimsuits!

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