#13: Make Something

For today's post, it'd really help if you have been hoarding ideas on Pinterest like I have been. However, If you haven't, you can just click that little link (the one that says "like I have), and it'll take you right to the ones I've been pinning. We can share!

Today's illustration features a simplified version of a glittered sneaker DIY I found on one of my very favorite sites, HonestlyWTF. It's the perfect kind of DIY because it's pretty simple, and afterwards you can wear it around and get all the compliments. And you love that.

Making something that turns out well gives you a sense of accomplishment like no other. On the other hand, it can be really frustrating when it doesn't turn out well at all. So, maybe start small unless you're a seasoned crafter. Adding glitter to things usually does the trick. However, if glitter isn't your thing, and you're looking for a something fun to make, here are some of my favorite sources, other than just perusing pinterest:

1. Honestly WTF 

2. P.S. I made this

3. High on DIY

4. Damask Love

5. Young House Love

There are obviously lots more sites out there, and you can see a lot of them on that pinterest link up there, but have fun today and make something! Make a pact with yourself not to just buy the supplies and then "do it later." DO IT NOW!

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