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On the heels of yesterday's post, I thought we should talk about yet another thing a spinster should just go ahead and do if she so chooses. When couples get married, they pick out fine china and everyday china, too. When a spinster moves into her first home, she has a random assortment of college-era plates and dishes, half of which are not microwave safe. And let's be honest, ladies, we do eat a lot of microwavable things, do we not? We do. But I think I just got a little off track.

Fine china is pretty and delicate and decorative, but it's also quite useful. A lot of patterns, like some from Lenox and Noritake, now are even quite microwave and dishwasher safe. However, I like to think you might microwave your meal first and then put it on the plate. That is, when  you're not using these dishes for very sophisticated entertaining.

Choosing a china pattern could probably take a lifetime if you're someone who's very indecisive. There are probably hundreds or thousands of patterns out there. However, they're just so pretty. Imagine, though, picking out fancy plates with a man. Now imagine he's a man who really has an opinion, and he thinks his thoughts (on dishes, no less) are better than yours. Nightmare.

As a single lady, you can choose whatever china you want, and no one else gets a say. If you want Versace's pink Butterfly Garden china, you can get it! If you want Kate Spade's Polka Dotted china, you can have that! Literally, any china your heart desires can be the one for which you register, and exactly zero thoughts have to go toward whether or not this is too feminine or quirky or cutesy or what have you. Now, the price may mean  you get far fewer pieces, but still....while you're a single lady, how many pieces do you need? Well, I guess if you're not washing dishes very regularly...but that's beside the point.

I will refrain from telling which china pattern to pick. However, when you are choosing, think of only yourself and what you like. Get something a little crazy or girly or outrageous. You may not always have the luxury of total lack of compromise.

And, just in case you wanted to do a brief little bit of shopping, below is a box I made on Boxagon with some of the patterns I found most intriguing.

Register For China by Sarah Jones on Boxagon.

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