#17: Contribute Something To Your Favorite Publication

One of the coolest things about the internet these days is the ability for everyone to contribute. There are plenty of places to have your own site all on your own, but perhaps you'd like a larger readership. Perhaps you have an idea, but you don't want to have a whole website to yourself. That's what today's post is about!

Today think about something you might like to add to conversation at large. It could be an article, an illustration, a list, anything! Whatever you feel like needs to be said! Below you'll find a list of places you might consider.

1. RookieMag:
          RookieMag is always accepting submissions, but keep in mind it is an online magazine for teenage girls. I have submitted things several times and still have yet to succeed. However, you may have better luck. This month they're taking submissions for the theme, "Enchantment."

2. Buzzfeed:
          I love Buzzfeed, and I'm sure you do, too. Only recently did I realize that they have a "community" section where anyone can submit articles!

3. McSweeney's:
          This is for serious writers, I think. This is a proper literary magazine, and I must say I'm too shy so far. However, if you have the guts, here are the submission guidelines.

4. Illustration Friday:
          You've probably seen me write about this before. I love illustration friday. All you do is submit your illustration on the week's theme, and voila! You've been posted on their website! It's a lot of fun to think about how you can illustrate the week's topic in a fun and creative way.

5. Reader's Digest:
          This is a mainstay. You can submit article proposals, but it looks like they're pretty tight on what they accept. However, they do like a good joke! Here's how to submit.

6. Southern Living:
          If you're from the Southern United States, and you have a store that's specific to our region, then Southern Living might be the place for you! They accept submissions, and here's how you can send them.

7. #MyFriendsAreMarried:
          If you love gifs, this is the place for you! Click "Submit," and add your snarky gif and quote.

So, whether it's a joke, and article, a list, illustration, or gif, submit something today! How fun would it be to see your stuff in print!?

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