#20: Get Some Tickets!

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Today for your birthday, you should consider buying yourself a gift, and the gift is a gift of experience. Concert and performance tickets may be a little pricey, but you can't put a price on a really fun experience. My friend Joey and I recently purchased tickets to see Paul McCartney when he's here in Atlanta, and my coworker Aly just saw Katy Perry in concert and said it was great. After I watched Katy Perry's Part of Me, I am convinced that all her concerts are the most fun!

But, you don't necessarily have to buy yourself concert tickets. You could go to a play or the ballet or a broadway show or a sporting event (I guess) or even to Disney World! The choice is yours. Grab a friend and get yourself set for a fun time...because, why not! You're alive, and you should have some fun. Just do me one favor. Don't get a speeding ticket. Thank you.

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