#21: Have a Consultation

When you're a spinster, sometimes it feels like everyone thinks they know how to do you better than you do. They have opinions on your hair, your clothes, your makeup, your weight, where you hang out, and countless other aspects of your life that are, frankly, none of their business. And they are really open with their suggestions. Girl, I know.  But the same thing happens to newlyweds, pregnant ladies, and new moms. So we spinsters are not alone in this. When people start making me uncomfortable, though, I like to remind myself to consider the source. What are they basing their "expertise" on? That is why, whenever possible, I like to consult a real expert.

Today's Birthday task is this: have a consultation! There are a few things in my life I only want to hear about from someone with ample qualifications. This list includes but is potentially not limited to the following: My hair, makeup, wardrobe, fitness regime, financial planning, career trajectory, weight, mental health, and (of course) relationships. Things like what movie I should see this weekend, what restaurant I should try, or what's a cool new nail polish are all fair game for lay-people. Otherwise, I will set up a meeting with a professional.

Now, what are the kinds of consultations you could consider for today's task, you ask? (I said that because it rhymes.) Well, whatever you can think of, really. If you need a little help, here are some things I thought of. However, I feel I should say that I am not, in fact, an expert myself on anything but eating talent in my bathrobe in my kitchen. Let's proceed.

1. A Personal Trainer:
          I mean...I'm not gonna lie to you. This doesn't really sound appealing to me. The truth is I just don't really enjoy working out. However, I think it could be worth my time to see a personal trainer to see how I could be working out more efficiently (re: less) while getting better results than my current walking to the kitchen to get a snack.

2. A Hair Stylist:
          Lots of hair salons now actually require new clients to come in for a "consultation" before their first appointment. While I generally don't have time to have two separate hair appointments, they do often allow you to have your consultation at the beginning of the appointment. I like the idea of someone who's really up on hair stuff telling me what's best for my face, my body, and my life. Plus, I assume this involves some relaxing hair brushing and potentially shampooing. Always a bonus.

3. A Personal Stylist/Shopper:
          A very small part of me is glad that What Not To Wear is no longer on the air just because I now know I no longer have to live in fear if Stacy London hopping out of the bushes to rip apart my wardrobe and self esteem. I have heard tell of kinder, gentler versions of Stacy, though, in the form of personal shoppers at stores like Nordstrom. In fact, a quick search for personal stylist/shoppers in my area shoes a plethora of results. So...that's a thing. I'd much rather hear this from someone I'm paying than from someone with whom my relationship might become contentious depending on our levels of differing taste. After all, if you don't like your personal shopper, you can just fire him or her.

4. A Financial Planner:
          This seems like an excellent person to see, especially if you're a single lady. You can't count on there ever begin another person in your life that will strengthen your finances, so while you're makin' that paper, girl, make that paper work for you!

5. A Home Organizer:
          Some people really get off on organization. I, for one, do not. I love it when my home is clean and organized, but I don't really like doing it myself. So, for this one, I'd be more likely to hire a home organizer than take one of their classes. When you get someone to organize your home, though, there is an initial consultation in which you get to tell them what you want. And then they make it happen. And afterward they explain it to you. However, if you are into organization, and you'd like more tips and tricks, most home organizers also offer classes.

So, today, when someone makes a remark they may or may not realize is rude, first consider the source, and then consider having a consultation**. And, if the commenter has especially annoyed you, perhaps you should recommend that they, too, have a consultation.

**Please note, however, that all the advice in this article has not come from an expert so...you know, take it with a grain of salt.

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