#22: Join A Club

I love to receive a package. In fact, my mom, being one of my very best readers (if not my very best), has caught onto the month-long celebration of my birthday and has been sending me packages at work. This, of course, I think was an excellent idea. I get so excited every time, just seeing a parcel on my desk or in my mailbox.

Packages don't just have to come from someone who's thinking of you, though. I mean, it's great when someone does send you a package, but you can't be guaranteed this will happen on any sort of regular basis. Postage, after all, can be expensive, and that's not to mention the box's contents. One way to remedy this is online shopping. As this pin on pinterest aptly put it, "Online shopping gives me a reason to live for another 3-5 business days." Amen to that. But then, there's no real element of surprise.

Well, enter the monthly club. It's like a magazine subscription in that it's a nice surprise when it shows up in your mailbox, but it's so much more! There are all different sorts of clubs, and I'll detail a few in the list below, but the idea here is that you order your subscription once, and then you can conveniently forget about it. It's not exactly a surprise because you should know it's coming, but if you're anything like me, you will not remember until you little box of goodness shows up in the mail. And voila!

Below you'll see a few popular clubs I've been hearing a little buzz about:

1. BirchBox:
          I know a lot of ladies (and some men) who subscribe to BirchBox. Basically, it's for the lady or fellow who loves a good beauty or grooming product. Aly, who sits behind me at work, recently got some hyper color nail polish in her birch box, and it was definitely worth envying. Birchbox, I think, must be the most popular one of these so far.

2. Must Have by PopSugar:
          Ok, I have to admit I hadn't heard of this one until I was researching for this post. However, I am addicted to PopSugar's website Shopstyle.com for a lot of my research at work (it has great filters). This box looks to be an assortment of...whatever they like!

3. Sock Panda:
          Now, this one is right up my alley. I once was a very prolific designer of children's socks in a very technical, involved way, and I loved it. I have never quite gotten over my love affair with fun socks, and I think everyone who receives any sort of holiday gifts from me is well aware (sorry guys!) There are just so many cute socks out there, though, and the people making them must be encouraged to make more! Bonus: If you subscribe to this one, that's one more day you can go without doing laundry. Am I right? I am.

4. Papirmasse:
          I recently got my first delivery from this club, and I am quite pleased. In each package you get a piece of artwork with a bit of writing on the back. I have a really hard time choosing and buying artwork (I can't decide if I think that's surprising or not) for my apartment, so this was a great way for me to get a collection going and to clothe my naked walls. Check out previous items here. (Also, at $60 for an entire year, I think that's a steal. That's about $5 per artwork/story.)

5. HauteLegs:
          Oh. My. Have. Mercy. This is a spinster's dream. If you spend a lot of time trying not to wear real pants, three pairs of brand new leggings a month could be just what the doctor ordered. Need further convincing? These were in their boutique.

6. ArtSnacks:
          Le Sigh. THIS is my own personal spinsterly dream. It's a monthly delivery of drawing supplies. Of course, anyone who's been in my apartment could tell you that the last thing I need is more art supplies, but...those pens, though. And those pencils and markers...just...everything.

7. For The Makers and Whimsy Box
          These two aren't the same site. They're different, but they're both for your crafty ladies out there. I say subscribe to both! What have you got to lose? Well, probably a glitter-free apartment, but if you're subscribing to a monthly craft box, you've probably already got the disease that is glitter in your abode anyway.

8. Treatsie:
          It's artisinal candy. What else do you need to know?

9. Purr Packs:
          Until your cat learns to shop online, this  might be a good option for him or her. However, it's really only a matter of tim until that cat learns how to type on the keyboard instead of sitting on it.

10. Panty Post:
          I know, we all hate that word, but this is actually amazing. Especially if you find yourself in a laundry pinch fairly often. And even if you don't, this is a great way to consistently refresh your collection, throwing out an old pair every time you get some new ones!

If you want to check out  more monthly subscription boxes, you can see more at My Subscription Addiction. Otherwise, since you're a spinster, I suggest you do what I've been meaning to do for nearly a month now, and join AAA. (That's three 'A's, not two) If you're a little older than I am, you might also consider AARP.

So join a club today and start waiting for your surprise! You've got 22 days left (if we share a birthday)!

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