#23: Have a Selfie Photo Shoot

Now, I know you're all completely over the word "selfie," and I understand that. However, I think that's the most efficient way to say what I think you should do today. Now that you've dyed your hair, gotten new glasses, and tried a new beauty staple, it's time to do a little self-celebration by documenting your new look! You don't have to use these as your new Facebook profile photo, but if you do a good job, you might just want to.

Now, here are a few tips avoid your selfie photo shoot looking like a late '90s/early 2000s MySpace profile pic.

1. Don't  hold the camera in your hand.
          This, I think, is probably the most important. To avoid the arm-as-tripod look, you can either use one of an array of iPhone tripods and/or mounts. Get one with a remote control or it's pointless because you still have to press the button if you don't have one of those, defeating the purpose. If you don't want to invest in a remote and tripod, you can always use the webcam on your computer. That is also an excellent choice, though the images won't  be as high in resolution. Both of these options, though, will allow you to get sufficiently far away from your image capture device not to look like you're all nose or forehead or what have you.

2. Choose a day when you think you're looking good.
          You know what I'm talking about here. There are just some days when you think, "I'm looking like a pretty darn good version of myself today." You owe it to yourself to document that day, especially if you're a spinster. Manage your public image, girl. You have the control.

3. Don't wear anything too crazy
          If you do this photo shoot right, you're going to want to use this photo for a while to come. As such, make sure you're wearing something that isn't too crazy or embellished or crazy. Wear something that looks like you and something you would wear. Otherwise, this will all be pointless. Now, if you do the selfie photo shoot once and decide you like it, perhaps you can get crazy with hair, makeup, and costumes the more you do it. As we all know, that is a really good time.

4. Get the lighting right.
          I have many thoughts on lighting, and I, like most of you, don't actually own professional softbox lights, etc. You can google "DIY Softbox," and there are a bunch of tutorials, but I'm not sure you want to put that much effort into this. In my experience, two desk lamps, each with tracing paper taped over their openings to diffuse the light work just fine. Don't put them too close to your face, though, or you'll look blown out, and that's not good. Really, though, the best option is to face an open window when it's daylight outside. this usually works pretty well.

5. Take lots of shots!
          No, not that kind! I mean, take lots of pictures. I mean, if you want to take the other kind, that's your affair, but you want to have a lot of photos to choose from when you're done, just like in a professional photographer's studio!

And voila! You're done! Of course I'm not in any way a professional photographer and therefore have no place telling you how to take your selfie, but you know...I'm not going to lie. I take a lot of computer selfies. I need reference images. Now, if you've done this right, you've got a new Facebook profile photo and/or one for your online dating profile. If your matches are anything like mine were, though, they won't have taken the same time and effort. That, however, is another story for another time.

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