#24: Try A New Beauty Staple

As I've said many times, I love to shop for makeup. Though Atlanta is certainly leaving much to desire in the makeup sales and service department, they have most of the same excellent cosmetics you can find anywhere else. That is to say, they have department stores and drug stores and Wal Mart and Target. And it is all glorious. That is why, today, in celebration of the birthday month, I am suggesting you try a new beauty staple.

Now, what's a beauty staple, you ask? By  my definition it's a beauty item you use every day. For me, that's foundation, powder, eyeshadow, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. I know, that's a lot more than some people like to wear, but when I really have time, putting on makeup is fun and calming. The idea in trying a new beauty staple is that you're already using it every day, but you're just trying a new version!

Most recently, I purchased blue eyeliner, but I've also been experimenting lately with new lip colors. For the longest time I have worn Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine in #54, Boy. It goes on like butter and feels like chapstick, and I love it. However, it's very neutral. So, recently, on a trip to Perimeter Mall, I purchased a tube of #91, which is a sort of a sheer red. I'm here to tell you, that I feel like a new woman with the new lip color. It's just...something different, something fun.

Now, perhaps you're not ready to purchase all that lipstick. Maybe you're not even a lipstick kind of lady. Maybe you're more into mascara or lip liner or eyeshadow or bronzer. Maybe you're a gloss girl or you prefer tinted Chapstick. Whatever your favorite staple is, try a new version today!

If you are considering a new lip product, though, I've made a box from Boxagon below. Inside are things I've tried and liked, and some of them are incredibly affordable. Just click on the box, and check it out!

Luscious Lips by Sarah Jones on Boxagon.

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