#31: Try A New Drink

Aaaand we're off! To ease us into this countdown, today's suggestion for how to celebrate your birthday is a simple one that's easy to achieve. Your assignment is this: try a new drink!

Now, since I'm a nondrinker, my drink selection is potentially somewhat smaller than yours. However, the percentage by which it is diminished is negligible, as there are probably millions of non alcoholic drinks out there. And you know what? Since I'm a spinster, I'm usually by myself when I get one. So, no one can judge my drink choice or have anything to say about it.

Anyway. I'm guessing you, like I, always get the same thing at Starbucks or with your breakfast or dinner or what have you. So, next time you go to get something to drink, try something new! Below is a list of excellent drinks I've tried and liked this year, though there have also been a few I've thrown away after a few sips. Eh, you win some you lose some. This is about experimentation, not winning.

1. Mango Lassi
2. Bubble Tea
3. Starbucks Black Tea Lemonade (which is effectively an Arnold Palmer, but totally good)
4. Naked Juice Mighty Mango (but wasn't so keen on Green Machine)
5. Sprinkles Milkshake (Pretty Good, but certainly not worth $8.50)

So, today try a new drink! You may just find the next love of your life!

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