5 Things I Learned This Weekend

If you are on any sort of social media these days (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), you may have noticed that people are all about some inspirational quotes. My favorite, of course, is one I saw that read “life is more than just quotes about life.” Amen to that. However, one of the ones that keeps resurfacing is “no mistakes, just lessons,” or some permutaion thereof. Of course, I don’t necessarily believe that. I will proudly admit to having made mistakes and to regretting many of them. Say what you like, but those are the facts.

But now let’s just disregard those feelings and admit that I did, in fact, learn some things this weekend, though they weren’t all necessarily because of mistakes I made. You may all actually know the below facts, but I, for one, got a bit of an education this weekend, and I thought I should share.

1. Sopes and Huaraches are very similar but different in shape and size.
           I know, this wasn’t the kind of lesson you were expecting, but it was the result of a mistake. When ordering Lunch during a spinsterly trip to the Pendergrass Flea Market, I tried to order two Huarachas but was informed that I probably meant that I wanted two Sopes, as Huarachas are pretty larget. If I knew that before, I certainly did not remember it, but perhaps I just never realized. Either way, now I’ve had both, and they are both delicious.

2. A movie can be rated ‘R’ without any Nudity.

          I had no idea. Actually, the pastor of my church’s wife told me this while we were discussing how surprised I was that both Chef and Jersey Boys were rated R. Apparently, a movie can be rated ‘R’ based on language alone

3. “Beef Sub” is really fun to say in French. 

          Megan is a fun french tutor, and I'm only sort of pretending to learn french so that I can pretend I'm going to go to France. But you never know. I might actually get off my duff and book a flight.

4. You can learn foreign languages for free on YouTube
          I suppose I should have guessed this, but it’s pretty cool. The Travel Linguist offers quite a few languages taught in a style similar to that used in my high school class. However, Korean unfortunatey is not one of the languages offered via The Travel Linguist.

5. Manicures at Wal Mart are only $10
     That’s right, I had a manicure at my local Wal Mart Supercenter, and it was only $10. This isn’t as cheap as I could get it in Astoria, but it’s only $2 off, so I’ll take it. I figured you’d all want to know so you could take advantage.


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