Shopping for a Spinster's Night In

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As  a spinster, on e of my favorite things to do is have an excellent night in. If you're new to spinsterhood, or you're feeling a little worn out from the Fourth of July Weekend, you may want to consider having a day in, too. In fact, even if you're not a spinster, having a night in might be a really excellent idea. It's a great way to get in some relaxation and catch up on your Netflix Queue.

Now in case this is something new to you, I've got some helpful hints for the types of things you might need. So, below you'll find a list.

1. Takeout
          You'll need to go ahead and get this ordered first thing so that all the waiting will happen on the front end of your evening. The point, though, is to make sure you don't do any actual work like, say, cooking, during your night in. Pictured here I have a pizza, but other common takeout options for me on an average night in are Thai Food and Indian Food. It just depends on how I'm feeling. Well, and also the fact that I can't really get gluten free pizza delivered. Sight.

2. Dessert (or snacks)
          Generally, I buy dessert and end up also eating it while I wait for my takeout to arrive, so it's important to purchase a large amount beforehand. In fact, you may want to buy two kinds: one as an appetizer and one as your actual dessert. I recommend peanut butter M&Ms for your appetizer and Telenti Peanut Butter Cup Gelato for dessert.

3. Drinks
          This is not a night for a tall glass of water. I mean, you're allowed to drink that, too, I guess, but  this is the kind of night for a fun kind of drink. Depending on what your snacks are, I suggest chocolate milk, cherry coke, or white grape juice. If you're a drinker, though, you may want something a bit different.

4. Loungewear
          This is pretty much a must any time you're in your spinster lair, but it's particularly important for your night in. I suggest old school sweatpants with the elastic at the ankles. Mine are from the men's department. On the top you'll want a tee shirt (see the "pizza is my date" tee in the boxagon box below)  and then either a sweatshirt or a bathrobe. Bonus points if any and/or/all of it features cat or cat-related designs.

5. Netflix
          This should be obvious by now. Netflix is a spinster's BFF. This way you don't have to stop the watching at just one movie. You can watch a movie, a few episodes of a TV show, and a documentary or any combination of the three. I also highly recommend having a streaming device like Apple TV or the Netgear Neo TV (which is what I have.) The streaming device helps you watch your movies and shows on a larger screen for maximum relaxation.

6. Paper Plates
          Also, paper napkins or paper towels. This is just really important to avoid doing any real work. You want to make sure you don't have to wash any dishes after this excellent night of revelry.

7. A Blanket
          If your'e extra serious about this, you may want to invest in this Cat Snuggie from Grandma's Fleece Creations on Etsy. However, a regular blanket will do. I personally feel more relaxed under a blanket, so I like to just go ahead and turn the thermostat down so that it's necessary to actually be under a blanket. It also may be necessary to get out the foot fan for this.

8. Pillows
          Pictured here I have just one gigantic pillow, also known as a beanbag chair. However, you may want to go a little smaller in scale. I highly recommend having  euro-sized pillow, stuffed with feathers. After all, the best possible ending to this night is that you might fall asleep on the sofa.

9. Magazines and/or crafts
          Some may like, need, or want to spend the evening passively watching Netflix, and I can totally understand that. However, when I'm having a night in, I like to multitask my relaxation. So, I usually make sure I've got some magazines I can thumb through while eating my takeout and then potentially also a coloring book for later before I'm ready to get under that blanket.

10. No Ringtone
          Ok, so this is a lack of something instead of something you need. But, in order to have a parroter night in and really look at your magazine and watch your Netflix, you should silence your ringtone. Maybe you want to notify anyone who might call you that you'll be doing some very important TV watching, or maybe you'll just put it on vibrate. Either way, total peace will come without interruption.

Need more help with your Spinster's Night In checklist? Check out the box I made on Boxagon to help you shop.

Spinster's Night In by Sarah Jones on Boxagon.

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