Spinster Shopping: Breakup Care Package

When I was in college and later when I moved to New York, my mom was the absolute best about sending care packages. In college she would send them to my mailbox, but when I lived in New York, she would often send them to my office with extra treats for my coworkers. Everyone loved that.

Well, I love to receive a good care package as much as the next girl, and that's why, when a friend of mine told me things between her and her boyfriend were over, I knew I needed to send her a package. The first time it happened, I sent her something via Amazon Prime, but most recently I put together something a little more personalized and crafty.

Today's image is not of all the things I put in my fellow spinster's care package but rather things I think would be great for any girl who's recently gone through a breakup. And behold, I will parse them out below, so you can get a better idea!

Things to Include:

- Beauty Products:
          This shouldn't be anything that would imply that she's not perfect looking the way she is. So, I suggest things like a fun new nail polish, a lipstick or lip gloss, or a facial mask. I definitely vote for the facial mask. Depending on when you send the package, though, lipstick might not make it to its destination without melting. Perhaps it's only for winter breakups.

- Drugs:
          Ok, not real drugs. We're talking Zquil, Tylenol PM, and/or natural stress relievers. The reasons for these should be obvious. This is a stressful time, and there's no need to feel that way 24 hours a day. The girl needs some good sleep.

- Entertainment:
          I suggest magazines, first and foremost, but you should absolutely avoid anything bridal or relationship-related. Gossip, fashion, and scientific magazines, I find, are the best about this. Aside from magazines, there are also coloring books, crayons, stickers, and books, though the books should not be by Nicholas Sparks. Avoid him until she's a little more stable. Think crime novels or something ultra-feminist. Last but not least in this category is a dart board. I think you know what your'e supposed to do with that.

- Snacks:
          This is an obvious inclusion for this and any care package. Home made snacks like cookies or brownies are best, but chocolate and hard candies are also a very good bet. Peanut Butter Snickers is pretty amazing. I'm just saying. You know it's true.

- Loungewear:
          You don't have to go all the way to bathrobe territory for this one as they can be quite expensive. There are also fun socks, sweatpants, yoga pants, oversized tee shirts, and sweatshirts. The possibilities are really endless here. If you send the package soon enough you may catch her while she's still loping about her house, not having done laundry yet. She'll need a fresh pair of sweats or yoga pants for that.

If you need more ideas or links for what to include in your friend's breakup care package, I've also made a box on Boxagon! I've embedded it below. Just click on the box, and it will take you into a treasure trove of items I've picked especially for this.

Breakup Care Package by Sarah Jones on Boxagon.

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