Starting Tomorrow: A Month Long Birthday Celebration

Some of you may remember that for Valentine's Day 2013, I did a series called "31 Ways in 31 Days to Spinster Out Hard Core in the Month Before Valentine's Day." It's a long title, but I had fun doing the series. Since it was so much fun, I've decided to bring it back for my birthday.

Because I'm a spinster with no one to answer to outside of the office but myself, I can celebrate my birthday for a day, a week, a month, or not at all, really. However, of course I'm going to celebrate it, and I think you should celebrate your's too! So, starting tomorrow, I'll be posting a series of ways you, too, can celebrate your birthday in spinsterly style for an entire month. In fact, you can do these things even if it's not your birthday. They're just fun ways to celebrate yourself, which I think we can all agree is often necessary.

So, grab your bathrobes and get yourselves ready, spinster! A month of celebration starts tomorrow!

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