#12: Send a Care Package

Earlier in the countdown, I talked about how much I love receiving care packages. But when it comes to gifts and mail, you can't always be on the receiving end. Sometimes you need to let someone else know you're thinking of them, especially if you know they really need it.

Today, think of someone you know who needs a care package. Do you have a friend who just broke up with her boyfriend? What about a friend who really hates her job? Maybe you know someone who broke their leg. Perhaps you know someone who just moved away. Whatever the reason, sending a care package will brighten their day!

The contents of your care package are what's most important. Anything delicious is usually very welcome. Whatever you include, though, it should be personal and special and fun. For heaven's sake, don't make them cry. You're trying to cheer your friend up.

Once you've selected all the wonderful items for your care package, add some extra touches, like wrapping all the items individually in matching tissue paper with little ribbons. Or perhaps you've had to bubble wrap everything. In this case, wrap your package in brown paper and decorate the outside with stickers, glitter puff paint, and/or drawings. Receiving a package is, in itself, cause for celebration, but why not make the experience altogether rapturous? (or should that be WRAP-turous??? Get it!? Sorry. I couldn't help it.)

In any case, put together your care package today, and when you think it's perfect (don't spend too much time, since the whole idea is to actually send it), package it up, send it off, and wait for glee upon its receipt.

Happy Friday!

*** Update! Today, my first post on YourTango.com went live! It's a little bit of kitty-shopping. check it out! 10 Quirky Cool Ways to Decorate Your Home With Cats.

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