#2: Eat at a Fancy Restaurant

Now that your birthday is less than 24 hours away, it's time to start thinking about what you'll do on the blessed day. You can either complete today's task today or on your actual birthday...or any other day, really, since you should probably make a reservation.

Last year on my birthday I was still living in New York, and it was a work day. Of course I didn't want to be at work on my birthday, so I took the day off, and I made a lunch reservation at the Russian Tea Room. Of all the fine restaurants in New York, that may seem like a strange choice, but I'd always wanted to to go the Russian Tea Room, and my birthday seemed like the perfect occasion.  So, I put on a nice dress, and I took myself 57th street for some elegant dining.

I sat in a booth against the wall to the left of the entrance, and they treated me like  queen. That, my friends, is exactly what I was looking for on my birthday. I had chicken kiev and some tea with sour cherries. A girl who came in sometime after me had a steak and a chocolate pyramid. In hindsight, I really wish I'd saved room for dessert. So...when you do eat at your fancy restaurant, don't be like me, and save room for dessert.

Today, if you don't already know what fine establishment you'd like to visit, do a little research and get a reservation. Whether you eat by yourself, spinster style, or you eat with friends, fine dining is an excellent way to celebrate yourself and your birthday!

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