#7: Put Money in Your Savings Account

The last time I did a "31 Ways in 31 Days" series, #25 was "Make That Paper, Girl." While I fully stand behind making the paper, today's assignment is about what to do with that paper once you make it.

On of the things about being chronically single is accepting the fact that you may, in fact, never meet "Mr. Right." I mean, he may be out there, but you can't count on it. If you do meet him, though, he may not be rollin' in the dough. So, you gotta look out for yourself, girl. Put some money away, and let it grow.

I know today's illustration is that of a piggy bank, but I'm thinking larger scale. If you already have a savings account, maybe open a Roth IRA. Either way, today's a day to put a little extra in whatever account you have. It's a way to reward yourself by looking ahead. You're looking out for your future self and making sure she has enough money to keep being fabulous and having a good time.

So party it up today by being responsible. You'll be glad you did!

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