#8: Research Something

Now today's assignment may actually seem like one you would have gotten in school, but chances are you're already doing this one on a daily basis anyway. Today's assignment is to research something.

Now, I know this image is the kind of research we had to do when I was getting a history degree in college. However, you don't have to actually go tot he library for this one unless you want to.

You know how sometimes you decide you're going to google something because you've got a burning desire to actually find the answer to your question? Then, of course, that inevitably leads you down an informational rabbit hole that ends with your watching videos of Vikram Yadav. Girl, you do not even have to tell me about that. I know. It happens to me all the time. However, that's where I've learned a lot of cool stuff...just researching and letting one thing lead to another.

If you're new to this concept (thought I'm not quite sure how you could be if you use the internet), you may want to start with Wikipedia's "random article" button. This button is near the top on the left hand panel and will literally lead you to some of the most random information you've ever learned. If you find something you like, you can just go ahead and dig deeper.

If you need an extra reason to do this, I'll tell you what on of my college professors, Dr. Willis, used to tell us. He used to say that a good reason for learning pretty much anything was that it made you a good conversationalist at parties. I cannot disagree with that.

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