Monday Fun: Chocolate Flow Chart Quiz

It's Monday, and you need something to get you through. Maybe you've already had your coffee, and it just didn't do the job. Well, Might I suggest you have some morning chocolate?

If morning chocolate sounds like a good idea to you, perhaps you need a little help making up your mind. That is why, my friends, I have put together today's simple flow chart quiz: Which Chocolate Should You Eat Today? You may need to click on the image to view it larger, but just in case you can't really see it, here are the chocolates listed, from left to right. Keep in mind, my theory on chocolate is much like my theory on pizza: Whatever is available will usually do just fine. I tell you this to say, I am not at all a chocolate snob.

1. Dove Milk Chocolate: This has been a staple for me since college. In fact, it may have been my original morning chocolate.

2. Mr. Goodbar: Every time I buy a variety pack of fun sized hershey bars, this is the flavor that goes first. It's not fancy, but it sure is delicious.

3. Hershey's Kisses with Almonds: This is a real desk snack staple. They're easy to find, and you can eat them discreetly because they fit in the palm of your hand.

4. Endangered Species Milk Chocolate with Cherries: This chocolate has a little bit of a darker taste to it, but the dried cherries are a really nice touch.

5. Godiva Milk Caramel Embrace (Alternatively, I really do suggest Varsano's Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt Caramel if you are in New York or care to have chocolate FedExed to you.): If you live near a Godiva, these are the best ones there. I notice a big difference between bars and the individual bonbons. Namely, the bonbons have denser, chewier caramel, which is what I prefer.

6. Lindor Truffle in Dark Chocolate: Really, though, I vote for all the Lindor Truffles. A variety pack would do nicely here as well.

7. Mast Brothers Almond and Sea Salt Chocolate Bar: Mast Brothers chocolate is fancy and expensive. It is really home made gourmet chocolate, and you pay for it. But the paper is so cute, I think it may just be worth it. Tape it in your journal to remember that delicious chocolate you had.

8. Chocolove Rasberries in Dark Chocolate: I'm not actually a huge fan of dark chocolate and really do prefer milk. However, I love raspberries and chocolate together, and every Chocolove bar comes with a poem printed on the inside of the wrapper, so you can read it while you ponder what a good decision it was to eat some chocolate today.

9. Riesens: These are the only Dark Chocolate I really, truly love. Once I open a bag, it's over. I have awakened from many a late-night portfolio session to find my bed and desk covered in Riesen Wrappers. You can pretty much find these anywhere - including Michael's Arts and Crafts - so these are really good when you're in a pinch.

I hope you enjoy your monday chocolate. I know I will.

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