Next Level Spinstering: Needlework

Last night, while watching Wheel of Fortune and pondering Vanna White's hair because it looked like a wig, I realized I had taken spinstering to the next level. Not only was I wishing Antiques Roadshow aired on Tuesdays, but I was also working on the same needlepoint project I'd been creating since before I went to Mexico. The cherry on top? I was wearing a giant cat tee shirt.

Now, as you may know, the word "spinster" comes from the work of spinning yarn or thread, which was often done by unmarried women in order to support themselves. I wasn't spinning thread, but I was certainly using it. In fact, I had a bun on top of my head, and I was wearing glasses. All I needed, really, was a rocking chair.

Several of my other single lady friends, I have discovered, are also into needlework. This is how, on Saturday night around 9pm, I ended up at Hancock Fabrics buying needlework supplies with a friend who's into cross stitching. We went there after dinner, and when we had purchased our goods, we went our separate ways to resume our stitching.

While I'm completely aware that spending my nights and weekends pushing and pulling a needle and thread will not further any sort path out of spinsterhood, I can really understand why it became a spinsterly pastime in the first place. It's calming, it's easily done while watching TV or listening to the radio (or victrola if we're talking history), it's time consuming (what else were ladies of old going to do if they didn't have a date?), and it feels productive. Bonus: When I'm finished with the needlepoint, I can turn it into a pillow for my sofa, where I already spend most of my time anyway.

So, if you, too, are ready to really spinster out this week, perhaps you should consider cross stitch, needlepoint, or embroidery. I must say, all three are quite satisfying.

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