Saturday Spinstering: Roswell

So, it has come to my attention that after nearly 206,000 miles, my car may need to be replaced. So, yesterday I set out to do a little in-person research all the way in Roswell, Georgia. I think it was actually the hottest day of the summer so far, but I needed to start yesterday.

The car research process isn't the exciting part of this post. I drove some cars, and they all had miniature back windows. When the sweat pattern on my pants started to be...unsightly, I decided my auto shopping time was done for the day. I had other, less expensive things in mind.

On the way to the dealerships, I had passed what looked like a pretty nicely-sized Salvation Army, and I made sure to stop there on the way back to Atlanta. It was in a strip mall, so I figured it'd be a little bigger than the thrift shops I've seen in Atlanta So far. Ladies and gentlemen, I was not disappointed.

Inside the doors of the Salvation Army Family Store, I found the largest Thrift Store I have ever seen. And it was so well organized, too! At the front were all the beds, tables, chests, and other furniture. I have been looking for the perfect bedside table for a year now, and unfortunately I did not find yet yesterday. However, near the back of the store, I found some really splendid 1990s Wind Suits (pictured above)! Many of you may remember that it's hard to find a coordinating two-piece wind suit because they pants that matched back to the jackets were always getting holes in the knees. These babies, though, were in perfect mint condition. perfect for an amazing 90's party.

So, if you find yourself in Roswell, GA any time soon, I highly recommend the Salvation Army Family store. It is full of home decor, clothing for men, women, and children, Books, DVDs, shoes, an accessories. I'm surprised pulled myself away.

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