Spinster Screening: A Bunch of Movies

During my birthday month, I saw a lot of movies, but I couldn't tell you about them, because we were discussing more important things like celebrating my birthday for an entire month. However, the time for celebration passed, and the time for discussing all those movies I saw by myself in the past month has come. So, I'm going to just tell you in a couple of sentences about each of them, since I'm sure you don't have all day. Do not worry. There will be no spoilers.

1. Begin Again: I laughed, I wept (really, though, like heaving sobs), and I loved this. So good, and they ate at my favorite Manhattan brunch spot, so that made me cry more.

2. Get On Up: It's hard to walk away from this movie without loving Chadwick Boseman. Oh, and obviously James Brown, his music, and his dance movies. He was a straight up gangsta, and I like that.

3. Frances Ha: (I watched this on Netflix) Once in new York, I heard someone say that Alex and I reminded them of the friends in this movie. I hope they meant at the beginning. But also, this movie is great and a little too real. I'm understating it when I say "great." Also, why is this Adam Driver guy in everything all of a sudden? Because...I know they call him attractive in this movie, but I'm just fine with Ryan Gosling, thanks.

4. What If: If you didn't already find Daniel Radcliffe impossibly charming, this movie will probably do it. I wept in this one, too, but not really because of the brunch restaurants. It was set in Toronto, and I've never been there so...

5. Step Up All In: You know, these movies kill me. I absolutely adore watching people dance. It makes me happier than most things, especially when the dancing is upbeat. When I'm sitting in the theater, though, I wonder why they even had to bother with a story line. The acting is terrible, and the dancing is great. We don't really even need the acting. Why not cut the talking scenes and add more dancing? Eh? Eh?

Now, go forth and enjoy!

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