Spinster Screening: The Hundred Foot Journey

cooking-illustration, whisk, curry, the-hundred-foot-journey-movie
I love Indian Food, so when I saw the previews for The Hundred Foot Journey, I was thrilled. The only problem was that the previews came out long before the movie hit theaters. To occupy myself, I listened to the book on tape, which was very good, but then, I feel like the book that gets made into a movie is almost always excellent.

This past weekend I finally made my way to the North Dekalb Mall to see The Hundred Foot Journey, and I must say I was not disappointed. The movie in its entirety was delicious. Eating popcorn in that theater would have been shameful. On the whole, there was less Indian Food in the movie than I would have liked. I expected to come out of the theater craving some Palak paneer, but I think a fine dining experience may have been more appropriate.

I won't give anything away, but I will say that Helen Mirren was delectable as usual, and her banter with Om Puri was a lot of fun. The movie does stray quite a bit form the narrative and ending of the book, but you should't let that stop you from consuming this film as if it were one of Hassan's meals. Go hungry, though, and plan to eat something really good afterward. Your palette will be inspired.

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