Spinster Shopping: Kitties for Your Coffee

Well, hello! I'm back home from a fabulous vacation, and you know what that means. I'm also back at work. After a relaxing escape from everyday life, though, it takes a little extra caffein to get the morning started. So, in honor of my severe need for that extra little oomph, today I've got a list of some kitties for your coffee! See below a list of some extra precious kitties to make your coffee or tea just that much better.

1. Cat Mug by Becky Baur: $21.03, Not On The High Street

2. Ceramic Cat Mug Set: $48 (for two), The Art Institute of Chicago Museum Shop

3. Miya Mask Red Cat Mug with Lid: $21.68, Amazon.com

4. One's Cat Mug by Prey: $20.95, Not On The High Street

5. Homee Zakka Stackable Animal Mug: $19.99, Amazon.com

6. Jamie Shelman Cat Mug: $28, Jamie Shelman on Etsy

7. Jonathan Adler Utopia Cat Mug: $32, Jonathan Adler

8. Tabby Hour Mug: $19.99, ModCloth

9. Cat Mug by Ana Morales: $15, Society6

10. Kitty Mug by Coolrista: $15, Society6

11. Plum & Bow Cat Face Mug: $12, Urban Outfitters

Happy Friday and happy shopping! I hope you found a pretty kitty to keep your coffee cute and cozy!

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