Spinster Shopping: Perfect Pastels

Once again, it's back to school with all the kids, and I'm left wishing I had a reason to buy a new backpack, set of pencils, trapper keeper, and first-day-of-school outfit. While I've been out of school for some time, this time of year really makes me consider going back. The supplies are really a draw. However, since I've missed the application deadlines for this semester, I figured I'd live vicariously through all the elementary, middle school, high school, college, and grad students and do a little online school supply shopping sans purchase.

I wish I could tell you that just one online shopping post was going to get this out of my system, but this, I'm afraid, is going to be one of a few. Today's theme is the very-popular-right-now pastel color palette! It may look like spring to you, but I'm absolutely sure we're going to be seeing some pastels all through the winter this year. Mark my words!

So, now that I've made you read two paragraphs while you itched to know where, exactly, you could find all these scholastic sensations, I'll give you the list! See below links galore!

1. Rule the School Ruler: $1.95, Cotton:On

2. Pastel Sharpies: $6.27 for 4, Everyday Pens

3. Written Off Pen: $2.50, Cotton:On

4. Kate Spade Erasers (set of 4): $14.95, Paper Source

5. Moleskine Cashier Journal (set of 3): $8.95, Moleskine

6. Flower Thumbtack Pushpins: $3.99, Perfect Posies on Etsy

7. Pastel Mini Binder Clips: $3, Fresh Blue Mornings on Etsy

8. Aqua Scissors: $11, Poppin

9. Daily Pencil: $2.95, Cotton:On

10. Solid Pastel Washi Tape: $3 for one, Paisley Handmade on Etsy

11. Mint Stapler: $14, Poppin

Happy Shopping!

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