Spinster Shopping: Smart Kitty

My friends at McAfee Seminary went back to school this past week, and next week Emory starts back. And you know what that means! I'm still wishing I needed school supplies, and I bet you are, too. That is why I've made a special cat lady collage today just for us spinsters. Show your new (or imaginary) class mates just how much you love your feline friends with these excellent office supplies.

1. Cat Washi Tape: $1.25, MechaKucha808 on Etsy

2. Cat Paper Clip Magnet: $13.26, Amazon

3. Kitten Folder: $1.52, Mead

4. Fred and Friends Catwalk Picture Hangers (AKA Paper Clips and string): $10:68, Amazon

5. Kitty Bookmark Paper Clips: $3.75, QTeen on Etsy

6. Funky Catsterz Mouse Pad: $10.99 hhprint on Etsy

7. Siamese Cat Lovers Stapler: $18.95, Amazon

8. Cat Print Backpack: $42.56, Asos

9. I like Cats Mini Sketchbook: $5.11 I Like Cats Shop on Etsy

10. Wooden Cat Tape Dispenser: $20 MaigoCute on Etsy

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