Spinstergram: Labor Day Weekend So Far

This Labor Day weekend thing kind of snuck up on me. I didn't realize until Thursday afternoon that we were having a half day of work on Friday. Ever since then, though, I've been living it up. I went to have a foot massage on Buford Highway Friday afternoon, and I did some serious needlepoint on Friday evening. Keepin' it real.

Yesterday morning was the main event, though. Megan and I had a spinsterly date for donuts and the Decatur Book Festival. On the way, we discussed needlework. I'm not even making this up. I had been seeing this place called Revolution Donuts on Instagram, and it had become clear to me that a visit to their Decatur location was absolutely necessary - Gluten or no!

Spinsters, I'm here to tell you that after yesterday's Gluten time, I do look six months pregnant, but the raspberry frosted donut with sprinkles and the "Maple Cro-Dough" (a version of the cronut) were well worth a faux pregnancy.

The Decatur Book Festival was a lot of fun with a lot of free pens. We met some Authors, heard a talk about "small towns and furry friends" from some Atlanta romance writers, and best of all, there were plenty of "your face here" posters. Of course we took advantage.

To the left you'll see a photo Megan took of me next to the Romance writers' tent promoting Jennifer McQuiston's What Happens in Scotland.  I've never actually read a romance novel, but their area certainly had the best of the "your face here" photo ops. Is this guy wearing a pirate shirt or what?

For any of you who feel the need to have your photo taken in much the same way as I did, the Decatur Book Festival will still be going on today, and I bet they'll still have some excellent places to put your face....or at least your nose (I mean in a book).

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