Spinstergram: Some Vacation Photos

Well, friends, as you know, I went on vacation for my birthday. While I was on the plane back, I thought about how, before social media existed, people would make scrapbooks of their travels. If they were really into sharing the experience, though, they'd have their negatives developed as slides and invite all their friends over to see a slide show. That's a thing that actually happened. I know, crazy.

Now that the internet does exist, I'm just going to share a few photos here. Don't worry. I didn't include any photos of the chunk sitch stuffed into a swimsuit or photos of every single thing I ate. Instead, I'll just show a very view of the interesting things I saw in Mexico.

Above you'll see the amazing lavender sunset in Puerto Vallarta. It's a little blurry/low res because I took it in the dark with my iPhone, but how amazing is this!?

Here is a view from my dinner table one night. One of the resort's restaurants overlooked the ocean, and at sunset, it was just incredible. Off to the left, the hotel's portion of the beach ended, and that part of the beach was populated by people who I took to be locals. You can't really see it in this picture, but there were always lots and lots of pelicans over there, right next to the people. And the people and the birds were fishing together, side by side, in harmony. I'm not going to lie. That would have terrified me.

A short cab ride away from the resort was a market for the tourists, and yes I went. On the side, though, there was this iguana, and I thought he was quite nice and textural. However, there was also an iguana who hung out at the hotel pool (for a little local flavoring, I'd guess), and I did not like that. Other people liked to feed it flowers, but I swam away like the gringa I am.

And of the most excellent things I saw at the market was this awesome painting. I've cropped it into a square, but how weird/amazing is it? It was a steal at something like $10, and I can't decide whether or not to give it away to my friend Sara. If you look closely, it's all faces.

Lastly, I thought you might like to enjoy something that I saw near the end of my trip. Of course that pun was intended. Did you even have to ask? You're welcome.

Happy Saturday!

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