Atlanta Spinstering: #FAFATL

A couple months ago, my friend Sara told me about Free Art Friday. The conversation was via text, and I was at a seventieth birthday party, so I had to do my research later when I got home. Basically, the idea is that people make fun art for the purpose of giving it away. Then, they post or hide it somewhere in the city of Atlanta (or any other city that participates). Next, they take a photo of the free art and post it on Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media with the hashtag for their designated city. The hashtag for Atlanta is #FAFATL (Free Art Friday Atlanta).

of course, I thought this was such a cool thing, and I wanted to get in on the fun. I have yet to actually find any free art, but last night I made my first ever piece for contribution to the fun! What you see in the image above is the back side of the piece, which includes #FAFATL, my Instagram handle, and my blog address. This picture is from the work in progress. Once I'd added the final layer of quick drying epoxy resin, I added a few magnets so I can easily stick it somewhere where people will be abel to grab it. The front is a little blue and green abstract artwork with some chunky gold glitter. I don't know if this could properly be considered "art," but it is free, and I think it'd be a nice addition to someone's refrigerator.

Check my Instagram later today to see the finished product and where it was posted.

Here's hoping my first #FAFATL goes well and gets picked up! Happy Friday!

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