Atlanta Spinstering: A Giant Fabric Store

I've now officially lived in Atlanta for an entire year, and I still don't have a proper bedside table. On Saturday I thought I'd try once again to remedy the situation. I remembered there were a bunch of promising-looking places off 85 on the Jimmy Carter Boulevard exit, so I headed that way. I had one particular place in mind.

The street I turned onto is called Dawson Boulevard, and there is a really big building there that always has "going out of business" signs on it. However, it should be noted that when I tried to check in, the only location option Instagram and Facebook gave me was "Netherworld Haunted House," which is kind of scary.

After looking around a little, I realized there wasn't much furniture there for me, so I checked out a place called "Fine Fabrics" on the south side of the building.  I wasn't sure if that was its name or just a statement of the store's contents, so of course I had to investigate.

All I can really say here is that this was far and away the largest fabric store I've seen in my entire life. I was thinking that even before I realized I had only seen a quarter of the store's contents. There was a stock of stretchy fabric to rival that of Stretch House in New York, and there were sequined fabrics, Kenyan stamped fabrics, Chinoiserie, silk, satin, leather, upholstery fabrics, and even a bit of neon pink fur. It was overwhelming, so I'm just going to show you some more pictures. 

Tables and Tables of Sewing Machines and surgeries. 

A Vintage Soft Drink Machine complete with vintage soda. 

Stacks on stacks of leather patches.

Boxes of buttons

Lots of colors of extra long zippers

This random Alien Statue

Even if you don't need an alien statue, I highly suggest stopping by this giant fabric store next time you're in Atlanta. The sheer size is worth a visit. 

In case you're wondering, I still don't have a bedside table. This is getting ridiculous. 

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