Illustration Friday: Novelty

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Of course today isn't Friday and is instead Wednesday. That didn't stop me last night, though, from fulfilling this week's Illustration Friday challenge. The theme this week was "Novelty."

Now, in every different consumer industry, I'm sure there's a different and very specific definition of the word 'novelty.' In children's wear, though, it generally refers to a print that is a little...silly or unexpected. In my world (accessories), when a merchant says the world "novelty," they almost always mean "animal." Instead of drawing a child today, I decided it would be most spinsterly to draw a cat lady. Here you see she's wearing her novelty knit trapper hat with kitten ears, a novelty tulip hem strapless kitten face dress, kitten jacquard fishnet stockings, and kitten peep toe pumps. To further complete the look, she has rhinestone cat eye sunglasses and a little round kitten face cross body bag. Oh, and don't forget she's wearing her novelty ice cream charm bracelet - because a spinster's gotta have some snacks.

While I do think that every consultant and/or corporate vocabulary creator should be made to sit in their own open office plan while listening to things like "collaboration", "teaming", "achievements vs. opportunities", "centers of excellence", "team building", "team player", "creatives", and the like blare through loudspeakers for the 4.4 years the average person stays at a job now, I appreciate that Illustration Friday's word this week had such specific meaning for me.

Bonus for you: This may be an idea for this year's halloween costume.

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